In fact, it is culinary, which is being celebrated in January, like Taichan, the answer! This type of satay is usually with the usual usual season with seasoning or soy sauce. However, this only means that the chili can be made as a marinade, but it is suitable for your spicy food.
At least, there is a color like that. However, if the satay taichan is different, what happens is exactly like meat, which is now happening. When you eat satay taichan, your tongue will be at the same time as a teacher-like and the sensation of when you add oranges on this one at a time

Could it be that in the environment it has not yet been the case for this satay? at any rate, SasaCooks can make it by himself! Now as well as a delicious taichan, it will only have to be done this:
Gunаkаn fillet chicken breast
Satay can usually use 100% meat, so if the goal is only to make it every time, at least you get on fillets, you have to use whole meat. Due to the fact that it might not be suitable for the time being.
The spices are still more likely to sink in.
After you have a fillet chest, you can use the chicken and the dice, then stab. Next, the seasoning is with seasoning, around orange, for 15 minutes until the seasoning is finished. Even though Taichan is about to be burned.
Get excited about it
There are two places to bake satay, which at this time, even though it is with the stove grill, which is for Teflon. For the duration of the day and the level of being perfect, even though it is just like that. But even though I have been late, I have also used the usual routine

At the moment
After the meat, even though it turned out to be bad, but instead, Taichan is mature. After all the butter before being cooked, this will be because it will be even more savory. However, when I am, I am staying every day at the same time and lime juice. Sometimes the taichan becomes even more convenient.
Apparently, satay is only meat in what is happening with salted spices, but this time there are many different kinds of taichans, like chicken, I like, with cows, everything and everything, however, depends on each other's creativity.

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